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Warning: Beta
This page was written with information available during the beta and may no longer be accurate.

Note: For information about the Golden Settlement, which was previously called "Personal Settlement" until beta-1.16.6, see the page Golden Settlement.

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Known information:

  • Private like the Golden Settlement, can only be seen by the player owning it
  • Themed to the player's faction with no competing factions
  • Cannot be grown/expanded
  • Resets at the end of the season
  • Size of a tier 1 settlement:
    • 3 resource tiles
    • 3 building spots
      • 1 always taken for the monument
      • 2 free to build
    • Tiles are 2x wild + 1x 6/8
    • Only common buildings can be placed
    • Buildings can be grown to the same level as in public settlements (including level 99 for Monument)
  • Harvest dice are available to roll once every 6 hours
  • The gold coin on the dice roll screen gives gold when landing a dice on it, in the same way as at a public settlement
  • The Personal Settlement can be placed near the Golden Settlement, but they can't overlap (they need to be approximately 40m apart)
  • The Personal Settlement can be moved by purchasing a new Personal Settlement card from the store for 500 gold
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